OXIN Fiber Microscope OFM-100

Code : OFM-100

OFM-100 probe is high performance fiber end face inspection probe. Compared with traditional tools, its unique single-way of focus control greatly simplifies the work. No matter left or right hand, forward or backward operation, it can quickly get the end ace inspected and displayed clearly 2.5inch display has video record/voice editing/image capture/zoom/grid judgment/storage etc., assorted function. It can also easily access to PC or laptop through SD card equipped with. Thereby small display can be taken and recorded anywhere with ease.

Oxin Optical Fiber Microscope, OFM-100, is used to inspect end-face of fibers and check the optic connectivity. It magnifies fibers of 125um diameter 200-400 times, enlarging picture through a video signal to the display where the status of fiber end-face is showed clearly in the end. Not only portable, easily in-hand, Oxin Optical Fiber Microscope is also multi-functional. It can detect simplex and duplex fiber ends located in both male and female connectors, as well as other fiber units. Also, working stably is it’s another feature. Eliminating the need to finding solutions for hard-to-reach areas inspection, which can detect panels or inside hardware devices, providing you a completely convenience for checking.

Features and Benefits:

  • Image recording, timing display
  • Two channels for image signal input CH1/CH2, manually switching
  • Sensitive microphone installed for sound recording
  • Functions of key-locked, stand-by and recording
  • Earphone interface, sound output support
  • Battery safe and high volume, ≥9 hours continuous working time , 7 hours continuous recording time


  • Inspect end-face of fibers and check the optic connectivity
Ordering Information Description Part Number
Optical Fiber Microscope OFM-100
Packaging Description
Cardboard box, 1 unit per box
Technical Characteristics Parameter Value
Image zoom 400 X
Display screen 2.5'' TFT
AV output PAL/NTSC
Resolution 0.75µm
Multiple in display 5 levels enlarge multiple (each level 1.2 times)
Power supply Li-ion battery 1800 x 2mAh & AC/DC adaptor
Storage 128MB / SD card 2GB support
Physical Characteristics Parameter Value
Dimensions 160 mm x 100 mm x 40 mm
Weight 560 g
Mechanical Characteristics Parameter Value
Operating temperature -20 ~ 60°C
Storage temperature -10 ~ 40°C

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OFM-100 Data sheet-pdf