OXIN Fiber Optic Closure

Code : OXIN Fiber Optic Closure OXIN-6510

OXIN Fiber Optic Closure applies to any sort of cables (loose tube, skeleton, ribbon etc.) and is available for usage of various connection (distribute, bridging, divergence etc.) in multiple environments (aerial, bracket, pipe-lined, hand hole, manhole).

Features and Benefits:

  • 4 regular cable ports; apply to cable direct transmission and branching connection
  • It solves the universal problem, could be used for different sizes of cables; and could be used for both single core and ribbon fibers; apply to direct buried, aerial, pipe-lined applications.
  • Triple fixing deign of cable meet the requirement of cable tensile and torsion performance efficiently
  • Steel core fixing device is of high voltage resistance
  • Adopt high grade imported material to ensure long lifetime


  • Manholes,‎ Vault,‎ Indoor,‎ Wall Mount,‎ Aerial Strand Mount,‎ Pedestal,‎ Underground,‎ Pole Mount
Ordering Information Description Part Number
Fiber Optic Closure OXIN-6510
Packaging Description
Cardboard box, 1 unit per box
Standard Accessories Description
Sealing gasket 1 set, splice tray 1 set, cable fixing device 1set, splice protective sleeve, nylon tie, wet tissue 1 bag, plastic plug 2 pieces, insulating tape 1 roll
Optional Accessories Description
Grounding device 1 set, valve 1set, aerial mounting hook 1 set, pipe-lined hook 1 set, hexagonal sleeve 1 piece, grounding wire for armor layer 4 pieces, protective tube
Physical Characteristics Parameter Value
Box Material Modified polymer plastic
Seal Material Vulcanized silicone rubber
Suitable Dia of cable Φ10~Φ21 mm (Φ0.39~Φ0.87 in)
Fibers/Tray 24
Capacity 24 ~ 96 core
Dimensions 533 mm x 209 mm x 104 mm
Weight 3.4 ~ 4.2 Kg
Mechanical Characteristics Parameter Value
Installation temperature -25 ~ 40°C
Storage temperature -25 ~ 55°C
Relative humidity ≤ 85%

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